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The new fashion of the moment is coming! The Slime or Slime Maker is a best seller. This liquid and viscous slime allows to have fun for hours. It is known for its relaxing, playful and anti-stress properties.

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Slime dough did not have the same name in previous years. A little less fun, it's just the dough Prout that some have known to be younger! It was the one that was bought in pot and that made laugh so much by emitting a suggestive noise. These noises are produced by the air bubbles that are created, hence its name "pataprout".

The Slime is back! With this slime pack you can create 8 different pastas: translucent, colored, opaque, phosphorescent, granulated, neon, scented and glitter. Children and even adults love it, not for fun making noises like Prout dough, but for the playful side of creative and stressful hobbies. The success of slime has mainly affected children and adolescents at its origin. Subsequently, the craze for this dough has quickly won the greatest. Indeed, in addition to the relaxing effect that is obtained when kneading, the pleasure begins already during its preparation.

The Slime Factory of iKossem is, without hesitation, one of the simplest slimes to use. With his tubes of glue and a little water, the trick is played. You will find in the Slime Factory: 3 tubes of 60ml white glue, 1 tube of 60ml transparent glue, 2 tubes of solution activating the slime of 40ml, 4 jars of 3ml dyes (green, red, blue and orange), 1 scented dye tube of 3ml, 1 sachet of 2g phosphorescent dye, 1 bag of 2g glitter glitter, 1 sachet of granulated particles of 2g, 6 wooden sticks, 1 scoop, 1 plastic spoon, 2 large bowls and 4 small bowls.

With slime let your creativity express itself by kneading dough, coloring or adding glitter and other ingredients to create a unique slime. Thus, the texture, the colors and the noises that this slime makes when it is kneaded combine to give a soothing effect. Ideal to fight stress! On the one hand, its elasticity and malleability make it an excellent alternative to the famous anti-stress ball. Indeed, the contact and the gestures of the fingers that tirelessly knead this soft dough relax and soothe the nerves. The appeasement provided is reinforced by the charm of translucent or phosphorescent colors. The strange noises that accompany the deformations of the dough captivate the ears at the same time. is slime importers, slime distributors and slime wholesalers. This is the B2B market place to buy wholesale slime. Wholesale Slime cheap and delivery in 24/48 hours is free from 150€ purchase. Slime supplier, order online on our website You will also find on our site a varied selection of wholesale toys.


Package: 18 pieces

Weight :  kg 

Measurement : 17.3 x 23.3 x 20.1cm

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Conform to standards:

NF EN 71-1 December 2014 / Safety of toys - Part 1: Mechanical and physical properties 

NF EN 71-2 + A1 April 2014 / Safety of toys - Part 2: flammability 

NF EN 71-3 + A1 November 2014 / Safety of toys - Part 3: migration of certain elements